Tourism in Dharmapuri

Dharmapuri is a small town in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. This beautiful town is a popular tourist place for the people from the cities of Chennai and Coimbatore. People find 12 different places of interest to spend their weekend away from the busy hustle of city life. Whether it is a place of worship or a nature spot, Dharmapuri has everything to offer.

Hogenakkal Waterfalls

Dharmapuri TourismLocated on the Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri district border, Hogenkkal waterfalls is a beautiful spot to spend a day. The waterfalls look more beautiful in the rainy season. You can find these waterfalls on the banks of River Kaveri. The falls start from the place where the River enters the state of Tamil Nadu as a part of a big stream. The falls cascade from Melagiri Hills at an altitude of 750 feet.

The name Hogenkkal mean smoky rocks in Kannada language. The carbonated rocks found in this area are one of the oldest rocks found in South Asia. This Niagara of India is famous for boat rides, oil massages and medicinal baths. The waterfall lies in the middle os lush green forest and beautifully wooded hills. The plantations around the waterfalls are famous for its medicinal plants and herbs. These herbs are widely used in the ayurvedic medicines.

Temples in DharmapuriShri Theerthagirishwarar Temple

Shri Theerthagirishwarar Temple was built by the powerful King of Cholas and the Vijayanagara dynasty. This ancient temple is built on a hillock and is popular among Hindus pilgrims. The temple is crowded on the day of Mahashivaratri the Hindi festival of Lord Shiva. The celebrations and processions on this day are grand and people from surrounding cities come here to witness the celebrations.

Tourist Attractions in DharmapuriSubramanya Siva Memorial

Dedicated to the independence revolutionary Subramanya Swamy, this memorial is the place of historical importance. Located in the Papparapatti town, this memorial holds the things that belonged to this great personality. Subramanya Shiva inspired many to join the freedom struggle for India. He was the first political prisoner of the Madras presidency and his term as the prisoner is detailed in his book “Jail Life.”

Kottai Kovil

This temple of Lord Shiva is located on the north side of the town. The temple is popular for its sculptures and paintings that belong to ancient period. Local people also believe that there is a secret passage in the temple that lead to the Adhiyamankottai. The interesting part of the temple is the hanging pillar.

Tourist attractions in DharmapuriAdhiyamankottam

Located on the Salem-Dharmapuri highway, seven kilometers away from the town, this site was once the capital of Adhiyamans. But today, all we can see is the ruins of this ancient city. The only remains of this site is the oval shaped fort. A temple close to this site is also a popular tourist place. Built by the Hoysala Kings and the Kings of the Vujayanagara dynasty, the mandapam of the temple shows the paintings that depict the stories of Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Other places of tourist interest are:

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral
  • The C.S.I Zion Church
  • Sir Thomas Munro Pillar
  • Mount Carmel Church

Hotels in Dharmapuri

Best places to put up when you are in Dharmapuri with family need to be good, safe and clean. The tariff in the hotels in Dharmapuri starts from Rs.800 to Rs.1,000 depending on the type of room you choose. Some of the best hotels in Dhramapuri are:

Hotel Sri Saravana Bhavan

102 Bye pass road, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu 636701
Phone: 04342 260728

Adhiyaman Palace Hotel and Lodging

NH 7, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu 636701

Hotel Sri Rama Boardining & Lodging House

Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu 636701
Phone: 04342 260141

D.N.C. Lodging House

Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu - 636 701
Phone:  +91 92111 77444

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